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Key Questions

Ledo Road and Reeves Topics

Why was the Ledo Road necessary?

Why was the Ledo Road broken down after the war?

Was Chiang Kai-shek an effective leader for China?

How did British colonialism hamper the CBI Theater?

How could the Ledo Road be built while battling the Japanese in Burma?

How could Japan inflict such damage in China against such a large population and with the U.S. support?

How did China earn a prominent United Nations security council seat?

Was Roosevelt right in promoting China as a major nation?

How was Truman associated with the corruption in Kansas City?

How were New Deal programs used by corrupt machine-controlled cities?

How did the U.S. federal agency and regulatory burden grow?

Where did price controls originate and do they still exist?

Was voting fraud prevalent and did it impact political races?

Would Truman have become President without voter fraud?

Did Truman have his Attorney General, with support of the head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, target his enemies and protect his friends?

Did Truman and his Attorney General employ unsubstantiated "lawfare" to influence the 1948 election?

Did Democrat party leaders know that Roosevelt was too weak to run for and serve his fourth term in office?

Why was Truman chosen to be Vice President over Wallace?

Why did the Democratic party split?

How did federal income tax rates change due to the war?

How did Truman defeat Dewey despite low polling, a split Democratic Party, and loss of electoral votes to a 3rd party?

How did returning veterans impact party politics?

Would Albert Reeves, Jr. have won his election without Truman’s involvement?

What key legislation did Albert Reeves, Jr. help pass?

Why did Albert Reeves, Jr. not win reelection?


World War II “War News” Topics

Why didn’t the U.S. forces advance into Berlin before the Russians?

How did British and French colonialism encourage Germany and Italy’s invasions?

What led to the housing shortage in the U.S.?

How did Japan and Germany attack the U.S. mainland?

Did the atomic bomb lead to Japan’s surrender?

Was a second atomic bomb necessary?

What bombing was more destructive than both atomic bombs and how was Harvard involved?

Did Russia’s declaration of war on Japan lead to Japan’s surrender?

Were there early signs that Russia couldn’t be trusted?

Why was Korea split into North and South Korea?

How did the Russian’s control occupied territories to adopt communism?

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