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Book Structure

“Louise and Albert” is essentially five books in one.


In addition to the letters shared between Louise and Albert in “CBI and Home” (1), the book provides a background on the lives of Louise and Albert before they met and their years together before Albert is sent to the China-Burma-India (“CBI”) theater in early 1945 (2).


Their lives after Albert’s return includes a presentation of Albert’s time in Congress, the events of the 1946 and 1948 elections, and their time after Congress (3).

In order to have a thorough understanding of the places, people, and events depicted in Albert’s letters, an overview of the Ledo Road is provided (4). Maps, photos and declassified documents add to the rich story of the Ledo Road.

Finally, “WAR NEWS” snippets are provided for the years leading up to the war and also the days in 1945 (5). This overlapping material highlights key events during the war, evolution of the United Nations, decline of colonialism, growth of communism, and U.S. domestic challenges.

Book Excerpts

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